About Us

Involved, practical and pro-active

Specialized and highly experienced in Tourism

Possess extensive media databases and day-to-day media contacts

Flexible and dynamic: “We will go the extra-mile for you”

Creative:   “Thinking outside the box”

Pro-active Attitude: “Do” rather than “Say”

Team Players: “Working with” rather than “working for

Always thinking and acting in terms of return on investment

Connected : Worldwide network

GLOBAL SERVICE INDONESIA  provides creative services for tourism clients that are second to none : these include Representation,  Brand Marketing and Promotion, PR and Communications,  Advertising,  Web Services and Social Media, Activation.

Markets : GLOBAL SERVICE INDONESIA  acts as the representative office of its tourism clients in target markets, never using the GLOBAL SERVICE INDONESIA name in any way to promote our clients.

Address and Mail : GLOBAL SERVICE INDONESIA provides clients with a prestige local business address and office facilities in each respective market. GLOBAL SERVICE  INDONESIA managers carry designated business cards and have dedicated phone and fax numbers so that the local identity is entirely that of each client.

Office Operations : GLOBAL SERVICE INDONESIA  provides all facilities, services and manpower necessary for full operation in the target market.

Identification : GLOBAL SERVICE INDONESIA assigned managers shall at all times act and be identified as the client’s staff, as opposed to GLOBAL SERVICE INDONESIA  staff.